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Executive Mentoring
Change the Way You Lead

The Karuna Group is the thinking partner of executives who are ready to take on a completely different paradigm in leadership and management.

We believe executives are paid for their creative thinking and that’s where we come in. We partner with executives to help them access their greatest leadership asset: clear thought. Our mentoring is personal and focused on the specific and unique needs of the individual. There is no boilerplate approach here, there can’t be.

The future you create is linked with your own inner vision; values and passions. We help you to deeply examine those core values and beliefs using breakthrough thinking. As you transform and clarify your thoughts, your leadership skills and drivers transform, taking both you and the organization to levels of success not previously considered possible.

With the complex and high demands executives face, it is easy to become distracted with competing priorities. Executives and directors can get stuck and resistant to change. This is often precipitated by:

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Change in marketplace demands

  • Expanding responsibilities and promotions

  • Life transitions – illness, divorce, loss, and so on.


In developing executives we help to:

  • Manage transitions that occur in acquisitions, mergers, and turnarounds

  • Identify stresses of transitions with mergers and turnarounds

  • Build partnerships between and among team members

  • Transform managers into leaders and technical professionals into managers, consultants and coaches

  • Coach executives in life/work balance

  • Align a leader’s deep, inner values with the work they perform

  • Turnaround derailing individuals

  • Prevent unwanted exits

  • Conduct creative out-placement projects – a preferred option to termination

  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts through both dialog and mediation (conflict resolution)

  • Manage mental health difficulties

  • Accelerate the transformation of work groups into high-performance teams

  • Assess pre-employment candidates (hire by design)

  • Evaluate pre-promotion candidates

  • Conduct succession planning: assessment and development of candidates

  • Evaluate individuals for in-placement

  • Develop appropriate career paths

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