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Everyone wants to be happy but frankly, few of us know what actually causes it.

The Karuna Group approach is aimed at inner transformation as the source of mental health, balance and happiness. Simply put, problems first arise internally and therefore, they need to be solved internally if we seek a lasting solution.

To overcome difficulties you first need to know the source of problems, then how to think about them and finally, how to confront them.

  • We work with you on the mindsets that are causing you problems

  • We work from the inside out

  • Our training is tailored to work on your concerns, in your own time.


We use mind training techniques and dialogue as our primary forms of interventions.

Anyone, from any background, can use these strategies.

Through the process you become your own therapist, coach and psychologist, able to self-diagnosis and apply the ancient tried and true interventions you’ve learned.

Please note: Our therapies do not replace clinical treatments for serious or severe mental illness.

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